Thank you for your interest in the Mount Ida Campus of UMass Amherst, located in Newton, Mass. 

Please click the "Register Now" button on the top of this page to register and  apply for Winter Session housing.

Students should only complete the application if they intend to live on campus. Students who complete the application and later cancel that assignment will be subject to a Cancellation Fee.

Housing on the Mount Ida Campus for Winter Session 2023-24 is available to current matriculated undergraduate and graduate UMass Amherst students.*

The cost for Winter Session housing is $2,350.00 for a standard single room. Winter term is from 12/16/23 to 1/31/24.

Residents should expect their rooms to be equipped with a bed (mattress and frame), desk and chair, and a trash bin. Students must supply their own linens. No pets (including birds, rodents, or insects) are allowed in residence hall rooms. Residents are expected to conduct themselves according to university policies outlined in the Code of Student Conduct and the UMass Agreement.

Students will have access to the Mount Ida Campus Dining Commons, Wadsworth Library, and Mount Ida Health and Counseling Clinic on campus during the Winter Session. Students will have access to the Mount Ida Campus Uber program to visit Boston and other locations.

This application closes on Friday, December 1st.

To learn more about the Mount Ida Campus, visit

Information about break period meal plans can be found at

For questions about housing on the Mount Ida Campus please email Chris Lott at

*Housing eligibility is at the University’s sole discretion. The University will prioritize fully matriculated full-time, and part-time undergraduate students for eligibility to occupy Residence Halls. The University may consider Graduate, UWW or non-degree-seeking students for housing assignments, but is not obligated to do so.