We look forward to welcoming you to the OSHA Summer Summit, an all-day Safety Conference with a broad variety of breakout sessions of interest to all industries. The 2021 conference will be held virtually via Zoom on Wednesday, June 23.

Available Vendor Packages 

Option 1:  $50.00
This option includes your company's advertisement, logo, and website link included in conference materials and registration for 1 attendee. Vendors who select this option will be prompted to upload an ad/logo and provide a website URL during registration, or can opt to use the materials provided for the 2019 summit.

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Option 3: $300.00
This option includes  your company's advertisement, logo, and website link included in conference materials, a live presentation window during the event, link sharing, a vendor Zoom meeting link during the event to connect with attendees, and registration for 2 attendees. Vendors who select this option will be prompted to upload an ad/logo and provide a website URL during registration, or can opt to use materials provided for the 2019 summit. Vendors can also upload or provide a link to an additional promotional piece that will be distributed to attendees, such as a promotional flyer, job posting, product guide, special promo coupon exclusive to OSHA attendees, or link to a product video. For the presentation window during the summit, vendors can share their own prerecorded video or other approved content during a specific time slot (about 2 - 5 minutes) before the start of a session. Vendors will also be provided with a unique Zoom meeting link to connect with summit attendees during specific vendor blocks. Additional details, including the assigned presentation time slot and practice session opportunities, will be provided to vendors who select this option as the summit approaches.

Vendor Registration 

How to Register
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Registration is accepted on an individual basis, unless you select Option 3 where you will have the opportunity to register two attendees at once. Otherwise, if you need to register additional attendees that will not be included in the vendor package you select, please also visit our attendee landing page and click Register Now. Follow the prompts to register as many additional non-vendor attendees as needed. If you have a large group you would like to register, please email us at registration@umass.edu for assistance.

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For additional OSHA Summer Summit details, please contact OSHASummerSummit@gmail.com
For registration or payment assistance, or to further discuss vendor Zoom logistics, please contact the UMass Conference Services Registration Office at 413-577-8102 or registration@umass.edu.

Preliminary Summit Schedule

The Summit Schedule is still being finalized, but the preliminary schedule can be found below and can be downloaded by clicking here. Please check back here soon for updated information! All times are listed in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT): click here to convert to your local time.

Wednesday, June 23

8 - 9:15 a.m.                Opening Remarks & Welcome Address

8:15 - 9:00 a.m.           Morning Keynote Address

9 - 9:30 a.m.                Break/Visit Vendors

9:30 - 10:30 a.m.     Concurrent Breakout Session 1 - Select One During Registration
       COVID-19 2.0 Looking Ahead - Susan Reynolds, MS, CIH (Worker Safety)
Atlantic Drain Service Co. Criminal Prosecution - Robert Carbone & Mike Grover (OSHA)
Energizing Your Refresher Training - Richard Griffiths, CIT (Safety Leadership)
OSHA Case Study #1: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Manufacturing - Lynne Matteson, M.S. (OSHA)
Workplace Violence - Lev Pobirsky, CHSM, MBA, MA (Worker Health)
Safety, Capacity and Resiliency, Brady Keene, MS, ASP, CHST (Safety Leadership)

10:30 - 11 a.m.            Break/Visit Vendors

11 a.m. - 12 p.m.       Concurrent Breakout Session 2 - Select One During Registration
     The Bricks and Mortar of OSHA's Respirable Crystalline Silica Standards - Anne Bracker (Worker Health)
Reducing the Risk of Airborne Transmission of COVID-19 - Paul Bemis, BSME, MSEE, M (Worker Health)
Knowing Your Safety Program - Adam Peters, CHST (Worker Safety)
Avoiding Catastrophic Incidents - Manny Ehrlich (Worker Safety)
Mental Health Awareness - Bob Kunz (Worker Health)
Recordkeeping - Andrew Palhof & Christine George (OSHA)

12 - 12:45 p.m.          Lunch/Visit Vendors

12:45 - 2:00 p.m.       Afternoon Keynote Address

2:15 - 3:15 p.m.  Concurrent Breakout Session 3 - Select One During Registration

       Fleet Safety - Mike Ferri (Worker Safety)
Crossing the Generational Divide - Jenny Petipas, PsyD (Safety Leadership)
OSHA Case Study #2 - Stephenie Smulligan-Maldanis (OSHA)
Confined Spaces - Blake Underhill (Worker Safety)
Internal Traffic Control Plans - Mark Heffron (OSHA)

3:15 - 4 p.m.              Visit Vendors

Click here to download the summit program for this information.

Richard Hawk Afternoon Keynote
Dangerous Daze (for Safety Leaders)

In today’s fast-paced world, lack of focus and mental distractions are major root causes of accidents. Every year, unfocused acts cost billions of dollars in damage and injury. “Dangerous Daze” combats this problem by giving your employees the tools to concentrate better, heighten their attention to detail and effectively manage distractions. The result? A safer workplace.

Richard Hawk is a Vibrant Safety Culture specialist. He helps leaders inspire employees to care more about their safety and health so that “nobody gets hurt!” He also has a long history of success getting safety leaders to increase their influence and make safety fun! Richard Hawk has been in the safety and health field for more than 40 years. He spent 15 of them as a safety professional in the nuclear industry and as a safety advisor on constructions projects. Richard’s background also includes theater, where he toured with acting companies and wrote a musical which was produced by Emerson College in Boston. His depth of knowledge and extensive experience make for content-rich, behavior-changing learning programs that are truly “fun.”

Susan Reynolds - MS, CIH; Senior Consultant, Colden Corp.
COVID-19 2.0 - Looking Ahead

This presentation provides a situation update, exploring the science of COVID-19, the impact of variant strains, the status of testing, and vaccine development and deployment. It also covers the role of the employer in exposure determination, contact tracing, and OSHA recordkeeping.

Susan Reynold’s 25-year career began as a health and safety professional in the semi-conductor industry and has continued in the consulting field. She also develops and presents training programs on a wide variety of environmental health and safety (EHS) topics, both regulatory and client-specified. Her clients include heavy and light manufacturers, R&D facilities, real estate/property management companies, universities, hospitals, municipalities, and commercial properties. Ms. Reynolds holds a B.S. in Chemistry/Biology from Springfield College and a MS in Public Health – Industrial Hygiene from the UMass, Amherst.

Robert Carbone - Criminal Investigations Team U.S. Department of Labor, OSHA
Mike Grover - OSHA Compliance Safety & Health Officer (CSHO)
Criminal Investigations Team & Atlantic Drain Service Co. Criminal Prosecution

This presentation is designed to explain the Criminal Investigation Team; including it’s goals and objective’s. The presentation will also detail the Atlantic Drain Service Co. investigation and criminal prosecution related to the fatal accident which occurred in Octo-ber of 2016, the criminal trial in 2019 and the manslaughter charges brought against both Atlantic Drain Service Co and it’s owner.

Robert (Bob) Carbone is currently the Lead Investigator with OSHA’s Region 1 Criminal Investigations Team based in Boston and serving all of New England. Bob was appointed to the newly formed Criminal Investigations Team (CIT) pilot program in December 2017 and was promoted to Lead Investigator.

Michael (Mike) Grover is an OSHA Compliance Safety & Health Officer (CSHO) and has been serving as such in the Boston South Area Office since March of 2006. Mike is the senior construction CSHO in the Boston South Area Office, and is an Army Veteran.

Richard Griffiths - CIT, Owner of Griffiths Training and Consulting
Energizing Your Refresher Training

Do you teach the same refresher to the same group year after year? This session will help you to update and change the course from year to year so the learners are engaged in newer ways and have a greater chance of practicing the lessons of the course.

Rich Griffiths has been teaching OSHA refresher classes for 25+ years for the hazardous waste industry, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceu- ticals, higher education, and as a consultant. He will bring classroom tested ways to energize your refreshers, which build and enhance your safety culture. He has a BS in Chemistry, BS in Biology and Masters in Managing the Training and Development Function.

OSHA Case Study breakout #1:
Lynne Matteson - M.S., Industrial Hygienist, USDOL/OSHA
Health and Safety Aspects of Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Manufacturing: A Case Study

A complaint about employees with headaches and oxygen sensors that were being disabled whenever they alarmed resulted in an OSHA inspection. Learn about the hazards identified at an ice cream shop that makes small batch artisanal ice cream to order and the coordinated efforts between OSHA, the local health department, and the local fire department.

Ms. Matteson has been an Industrial Hygienist in the Hartford Area OSHA Office since September 2012 and has conducted over 250 health inspections in manufacturing, construction, and healthcare. Prior to that, she was a consultant and worked as a chemist at a hazardous waste treatment facility.

Nancy Kuene - Assistant Area Director and Industrial Hygienist, USDOL/OSHA
Farmington, Maine Propane Gas Explosion

On September 16, 2019 a propane gas explosion at a local business shook the town of Farmington, Maine and resulted in se- rious injuries to many workers and a fatality. Learn about the hazards identified, OSHA’s involvement, and subsequent change in Maine State law.

Ms. Keune has been an Industrial Hygienist in the Augusta Area OSHA Office since 2015 and has conducted various safety and health inspections in construction, manufacturing, and healthcare. Ms. Keune’s previous employment included various positions as biologist, chemist, and criminologist.

Lev Pobirsky - CHSM; Sr. Director Safety & Security for Pepsi-Cola
Workplace Violence: What really happens?

What really happens during an act of workplace violence? Drawing upon multiple combat tours as a Marine Corps Infantry Officer and a career as a security executive, Lev will help you recognize signs of troubled employees and shed much needed light on how humans respond to potentially violent situations. Attendees will learn best practices to mitigate the evolving workplace violence threat and what to do should the unthinkable happen.

In his role, Lev Pobirsky provides focused safety leadership to over 5,000 employees at over 20 manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and transportation depots across the United States. Previously Lev served as Corporate Director of Safety & Training for Easton Coach Company, one of the largest transportation companies in the country. Mr. Pobirsky’s previous employment also included various EH&S roles with PepsiCo/Frito-Lay.

Brady Keene - MS, ASP, CHST Clinical Assistant Professor - Keene State College Supervisor - WorkWISE NH
Safety, Capacity and Resiliency

Serious injury and fatality rates continue to flatline, if not increase in the United States. To combat these rates, our profession needs to change and improve. The presentation will take a dive into the new view of safety and health performance. We will be discussing blue line black line theory, capacity in organizational systems as well as resiliency in occupational safety and health. This session will include audience feedback and interaction using MentiMeter.

Brady is a Clinical Assistant Professor at Keene State College as well as the Supervisor for New Hampshire’s WorkWISE NH Program. He has 6+ years as a safety consultant and 2 years as a professor. Brady specializes in Construction Safety as well as Human and Organizational Performance (HOP).

Anne Bracker - CSP, CIH, CHMM
The Bricks and Mortar of OSHA’s Respirable Crystalline Silica Standards

This presentation will review the key elements of OSHA’s silica standards. Case studies from construction and general industry will illustrate the multiple control methods that can be used during tasks that generate exposure to silica dust. The presentation will highlight the resources employers can use to develop effective silica exposure control plans.

Anne Bracker is the program manager for Connecticut OSHA’s private sector onsite consultation program. She has helped dozens of public and private sector employers comply with OSHA’ s silica standards and she has provided employers and workers with resources on effective dust control strategies.

Paul Bemis - President Air Cleaners Inc. BSME, MSEE, MBA ASHRAE President Elect for Maine SafetyWorks 
Reducing the Risk of Airborne Transmission of COVID-19 and other Airborne Pathogens in the Built Environment

It is well established in the scientific community that the primary means of COVID-19 transmission is via airborne aerosols, which can stay in the air for many hours. In this session attendees with learn about the primary means of virus transmission, review the evidence for airborne transmission, and learn what should and can be done to mitigate transmission. This session will make use of multi-media techniques to visualize indoor airflows developed using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics.

As the President and CEO of Air Cleaners Inc, Paul Bemis brings a wealth of experience and knowledge with over 30 years of involve- ment in the high technology market. Mr. Bemis has undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering (UNH), and graduate degrees in both Electrical Engineering, and Business.Sam became the Program Manager/Supervisor of the 21D grant (OSHA) and the Mine Safety and Health (MSHA) programs in Maine.

Manny Ehrlich - Managing Director Responder LLC
Avoiding Catastrophic Emergencies- It’s Up to You

Workers, responders, and managers, in industry, government, and public safety have a history of making errors that cause catastrophic outcomes. Those who lost their lives or were critically injured should NEVER be forgotten, they should be memorial- ized for being part of a solution for you to be able to avoid similar circumstances. You can never learn enough about addressing hazards, risks and threats. Don’t let ignorance or sloppy behavior cause you to be a victim of a mistake. Participants will be presented a series of events and accidents that could have resulted in zero deaths and injuries had the involved personnel under- stood two behavioral constructs: Knowing what you don’t know and understanding normalization of deviance. It is all UP TO YOU!!

Manuel “Manny” Ehrlich was nominated by President Barack Obama to the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board in January of 2014 and confirmed by the Senate in December 2014. Prior to his appointment Mr. Ehrlich spent over 50 years in thechemical industry in a variety of positions. Most recently he served as a health, safety and environmental consultant to a broad range of companies across the country.

Bob Kunz - Safety Director, Dimeo Construction
A Culture of Caring: Mental Health First Aid

At home, we have a box of band-aids and topical antiseptics in a bathroom cabinet. At work, we have first aid supplies to support the workforce. Over time, we have added blood borne pathogen kits, AEDs and Naloxone. We have trained employees how to respond to incidents involving physical trauma or poisonings using these kits and how to engage outside resources (e.g 911). Isn’t it time for the industry to provide trained mental health responders?

Bob Kunz is currently the Corporate Safety Director at Dimeo Construction Company’s Providence office, overseeing the creation and enforcement of the project safety program for each project. As part of this position, he performs unannounced OSHA-type inspections on projects and closely monitors abatement procedures for each and every violation. He has been employed with Dimeo since 2007. Bob was named the 2012 Construction Safety Professional of the Year by the Associated General Contractors of Connecticut.

Andy Palhof - Compliance Office, OSHA Region 1, Concord, NH 
Christine George - Assistant Area Director, Hartford Area OSHA Office 
OSHA Recordkeeping

The presentation covers the OSHA recordkeeping standards as they apply to all industries. Topics cover general recording criteria, injury and illness reporting, and data submission.

Andy’s primary responsibilities are to conduct OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program Audits (VPP), coordinate and conduct training and outreach programs while providing technical support for OSHA’s compliance and outreach efforts. Prior to becoming the Compliance Assistance Specialist, Andy worked as an OSHA Compliance Officer in Syracuse NY and Concord NH.

Christine started with OSHA in 1993 and has worked in a variety of positions. She joined the Hartford Area OSHA office as an administrative assistant before becoming a Safety and Health Compliance Officer specializing in general industry facilities. In 2020, she joined the the Hartford management team as an Assistant Area Director .

Mike Ferry - Vice President of HSE Supreme Industries
Improving Fleet Safety Using Technology

This presentation will discuss Telematics and Video-Based Safety Solutions to Improve Fleet Safety. In addition to fleet safety, Mike has experience implement technology for worker safety, ergonomics, and reducing struck-by hazards. Learn what is out there for technology in safety.

Mike Ferry oversees Health, Safety, and Environmental for all of Supreme Industries operations. Mike earned an Occupational Safety Degree from Keene State College.

Jenny Petipas - PsyD Safety Analyst- Human and Organizational Performance (HOP), Eversource
Crossing the Generational Divide

Today, there are more generations in the workforce than ever before. Because of this, many organizations are interested in learning how to navigate the generations when it comes to safety. The secret to creating a stronger safety culture is to cross the generational divide by focusing on similarities rather than differences.

Dr. Jenny Petipas is an organizational and leadership psychology practitioner. Working on the safety team at Eversource, Jenny is working to drive change towards a Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) culture. Jenny is also an adjunct professor at William James College in Newton, MA.

OSHA Case Study breakout #2:
Stephenie Smulligan-Maldanis - OSHA Safety and Health Compliance Officer
Put the Emphasis on Hex Chrome

Stephenie will present a case study on hexavalent chromium hazards at a surface coating manufacturer. This Session will show how a programmed OSHA inspection and proper abatement measures can have a positive impact on the safety and health cultureof a facility and the lives of the employees.

Stephenie is an OSHA Safety and Health Compliance Officer, specializing in industrial hygiene. After earning a M.S. in Chemistry, she spent over a decade in private chemical industry with roles in research and development, technical advising and intellectual property consulting.

Robert Carbone - Criminal Investigations Team U.S. Department of Labor, OSHA
OSHA’s Criminal Investigations

Bob’s presentation will discuss the newly formed Region 1 Criminal Investigations team and their mission. His talk will focus on the recognition of habitual offenders, the steps OSHA has taken to prosecute when violations of the OSHA Act have resulted in fatalities, and will include a discussion on few OSHA investigations where the team was involved and what role they played.

Robert (Bob) Carbone is currently the Lead Investigator with OSHA’s Region 1 Criminal Investigations Team based in Boston and serving all of New England. Bob was appointed to the newly formed Criminal Investigations Team (CIT) pilot program in December 2017 and was promoted to Lead Investigator.

New to Virtual Events?

We're here to help! We have put together tips and tricks, a how-to guide, and a cheat sheet to make your experience as seamless as possible. The virtual event will be held live via Zoom. If you are new to Zoom, please review the information below and contact us if we can be of any assistance! Note: this page is still being updated, so check back soon for the most up-to-date resources for attending, and presenting at, a virtual event.

Tips and resources for Presenters and Vendors

Prepare Before the Summit
Check Your Internet Connection

To get the most out of any virtual event, it is important to use reliable internet. If you are working from home, ask others in your home to stay off of the internet when you are in a session to minimize the devices connected to your network. If your wireless internet frequently lags, kicks you off, or is generally unreliable, try to use a wired connection right from your computer into your router. 

Unsure about your internet speed and reliability? Do a quick test of your internet speed on Google! This test will let you know your internet speed and how well it can handle multiple devices connected at the same time, video conferencing, and more.

Download Zoom and Create an Account

The virtual event will be held live on Zoom, a web conferencing platform that you can download and use for free. While you can join sessions from your browser without downloading Zoom, for the best user experience, particularly for presenting and hosting a meeting, we do recommend downloading Zoom and creating an account. To download Zoom, visit their website and click the "Download" button under Zoom Client for Meetings. We recommend downloading Zoom onto a device with a larger screen, such as a laptop or desktop computer, instead of using your phone or tablet. This will allow you to use all of the functionality of Zoom in order to provide the best presentation. In addition to downloading Zoom, you should create a Zoom account if you do not yet have one. You can create an account by downloading Zoom, opening the Zoom app, and clicking the "Sign up for Free" button on the bottom right. You can also create an account by visiting their sign-up page here.

Choose Your Device Carefully

If you have multiple devices, we recommend downloading Zoom onto the one with the largest screen, such as a laptop or desktop computer, so that you can easily see what is going on, see if attendees have questions, or reactions, and to use the full functionality of Zoom. When possible, we don't recommend using your phone or tablet, since the mobile version might limit your sharing capabilities, plus phone calls, emails, and text messages could be distracting for both you and attendees. The features and functionalities of the mobile version of Zoom are also slightly different, so please note that our guide and cheat sheet are not fully applicable to the mobile versions of Zoom (most tablets use the mobile version of the app as well).

Practice with Zoom

If you are a vendor with a presentation window or Zoom meeting room, you will be in charge of managing the content shared by your company and/or hosting your Zoom meeting. A UMass representative will be available leading up to and during the event if you have questions or experience technical difficulties. You can practice on your own by joining a test Zoom meeting here, or checking out some of Zoom's beginner tutorials here. If you are new to the platform, we also recommend practicing on Zoom with some colleagues before the summit. Depending on interest indicated by vendors, we also plan on hosting a vendor Zoom Practice Session where you can practice sharing your content and ask questions prior to the summit. If you have any questions or need a little more support in the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact us - we're more than happy to help you get squared away (registration@umass.edu)! 

Create a Comfortable Space

Find an area of your home or office where you will be comfortable, and ideally one that is private to minimize distractions. Arrange a comfortable chair in front of your screen. Set your screen up on a table, stand, or desk. Have everything you need, like a drink, notepad and writing utensil, within reach. For when your camera is on, consider the camera angle and the background your colleagues and the attendees will see, and perhaps rearrange or spruce up your space a bit. During the session, remove distractions and background noises by closing the doors and windows to your space, silencing your phone, and asking your family, housemates, and/or co-workers to be mindful of when you will be attending/hosting sessions.

During the Summit
Get Ready for Your Session

One of the best ways to combat "Zoom fatigue" is to prepare yourself and your space in advance, and to get mentally and physically ready day-of. Consider stretching or going for a walk before each sessions starts. Brew a fresh cup of coffee or tea, fill up a water bottle, grab a notepad and pen, and then give yourself at least 15 minutes to get your device up and running, and your content ready to share. Setup your space in the days leading up to the meeting (see the "Create a Comfortable Space" section above) and have anything that you might need during the session close by - you don't want to miss anything because you have to go grab some supplies or a drink! If you decide to leave your camera on, keep in mind the presenter and other meeting attendees will be able to see you, so make sure you and your background are camera ready. Lastly, silence your phone, close out of your email, minimize any other distractions, and enjoy your session!

Take Advantage of Time In-Between Sessions

This virtual event is packed full of great sessions, but nonetheless it can be helpful to rest, recharge, and enjoy some screen-free time when the schedule allows. Review the agenda to get a sense of when you will have some breaks or blocks of down time, and take advantage of these! You can review the agenda by clicking the "Preliminary Schedule" tab above, or you can click here to view the summit flyer. When you have a break, try to get up and stretch. For longer breaks, consider taking a short walk to get some fresh air and recharge. These are also great chances to replenish any supplies, drinks, or snacks in preparation for the next session!


Session Assignments

Vendor presentation windows will be scheduled at the beginning of sessions, and presentations will be assigned to their most relevant topic based on the description provided during registration: we will send you an email with your assigned slot and more presentation window details as the summit approaches. Although each vendor will be responsible for sharing their own content, a UMass Rep will be available for the duration of the meeting to provide assistance, if needed. Based on interest indicated during registration, the UMass Conference Services team will schedule a Vendor/Presenter Zoom Practice Session prior to the summit.

Join Your assigned Session Early

If you are a vendor who has paid for a presentation window, please plan to join your assigned Zoom session 15 minutes prior to the start time of the session. When you join, you will be brought into a waiting room, and a UMass representative will admit you into the meeting early. You will then be given co-host privileges, and can prepare for your meeting and/or practice sharing your content. When the time comes to begin the session, the host (either an OSHA presenter or a UMass rep) will let attendees in, and the meeting will begin with the vendor presentation. After the presentation, the vendor can share their contact information and a link to their website in the meeting chat before leaving the meeting.

Sharing your Content

At the beginning of your presentation, the host, or a UMass rep, will “spotlight” your video to automatically display on the screens of all attendees. Multiple presenters can be spotlighted, if needed. When you are ready to begin, click the Share Screen in the meeting toolbar to share your screen or presentation. This will display all open tabs, documents, and all navigation. Alternatively, you can select to only share an open window, document, or application. By selecting to only share an open window, the other applications on your desktop will not be displayed, and your screen will automatically stop screen sharing when that particular window, tab, or document is closed. If you are playing a video with sound, make sure to check off the box to Share Computer Sound before clicking Share

We will continue to post more details here regarding best practices for hosting and presenting in Zoom. Have questions or need assistance in the meantime? We're happy to help! For the most immediate assistance, please email us at registration@umass.edu!

For General Summit Questions:

Please contact the OSHA Summer Summit team at OSHASummerSummit@gmail.com

For Registration, Payment, or Vendor Zoom Logistics Questions:

Please contact the UMass Conference Services Registration Team at registration@umass.edu or 413-577-8102.

Please note: our office staff is currently working remotely. When possible, please contact us by email for the quickest response. Our email is monitored Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EDT). We will reply to emails received outside of these hours as soon as possible on the following business day. We appreciate your patience and understanding!