Course Information

This course covers the fundamentals of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) taught by certified International HACCP Alliance instructors. This particular course will have an emphasis on fresh-cut produce, beverages (including juice and cider), baked goods, and dairy products. The concepts will be reinforced by breakout group activities in which participants will have the opportunity to prepare a HACCP plan. All participants will received an International HACCP Alliance certificate issued through the University of Massachusetts upon successful completion of the course. 

Course topics will include: HACCP overview ∙ Prerequisite Programs ∙ Overview of the Seven Principles ∙ Sanitations and SSOPs ∙ Biological, Physical, and Chemical Hazards ∙ Conducting a Hazard Analysis ∙ Determining Critical Control Points ∙ Establishing Corrective Actions ∙ Establishing Monitoring ∙ Establishing Verification & Validation Procedures ∙ Documentation Practices & Record Keeping ∙ Regulatory Issues ∙ Auditor Expections ∙

Course Fees
UMass SRA Member Registration
                 Early Bird (on/before November 18th): $450               Late (after November 18th): $500
Professional Registration                               Early Bird (on/before November 18th): $550               Late (after November 18th): $600
Student Registration                                       Prices to be determined
*Registration includes: all program fees and materials, continental breakfast on Tuesday & Wednesday, lunch on Tuesday & Wednesday